Capstone Project Post #3

  1. Sit picnic blanket style in a circle. Have everyone clap on their knees 1–2–3–4, while alternating hands. Count out loud! Slowly have groups of 2–3 people silence the claps and counting on 2 beats at a time. so that gradually each group is doing one of the 4 following things:
    — , — , 3,4
    Than, have a participants sing a random pitch on their still-spoken beats.
    Everything happens slowly, one group at a time adding to, our taking away from the circle rhythm
  2. Couples with a stranger
    -1 person is blindfolded
    Give them a guided conversational question
    After they speak for a couple minutes, have them switch sides of the circle with the non-blindfolded person leading their partner using only their voice.
    Same exercise (at end of session perhaps) but switch the blindfold to the other person before navigating. The goal is realize how much you listen to the sound of your own voice, or listen to someone else when one of your senses has been removed. Than translating that into listening to others while singing in ensemble.
  3. Go around the circle one a time. Each person adds a percussive sound (using only their body) OR (using percussive instruments)
    Than remove the sounds one at a time once it has gone full circle…should do 2 complete rotations.
    SAME exercise, but using vocal sounds
  4. sitting in a circle back rub chain style, and doing a rhythm on the shoulders of the person in front of you. Adding the person in front each time.
    When listening to music, the sound literally physically touches you, by manipulating the membranes in your ear. This exercise allows you to be aware of the physicality of music not only within ourselves, but also how other members of the ensemble experience it.
  5. Practice breathing together…
    sing random note in unison
    Walk around and FIND another person singing same pitch as you
    Find someone singing the third above or below.
    Try and organize themselves into little groups of harmonies




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Gloriana Hope

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